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The Loungewear Issue

Working It




Autumn/Winter 2020

Apartment Style

Loungewear that's shaped and tailored to fit like streetwear. Don't just work from home, work it from home! Introducing organic our cotton and bamboo Condesa Top and Marine Pants.

Organic cotton and bamboo sleepwear
made in London

Made In London


Sleepwear Issue

Spring 2020

Breakfast Style

Sleepwear that's smart, sophisticated, contemporary...and comfortable? Moho makes sleepwear a genuine fashion category

- finally!

Flower Power Gets Real

Essential oils join the natural health revolution 

Use doTerra Essential Oils to Transform Your Life 

Each with a unique chemical makeup, essential oils have dozens of benefits for the body and mind. If these natural chemicals are properly extracted, they can be used to help you physically, mentally, and emotionally in your daily life. 

In its state of the art facility in Oregon, doTerra has brought an unprecedented level of scientific scrutiny and quality control to a largely unregulated industry. Working with local growers around the globe, the focus is on achieving the highest levels of quality, purity and sustainability by using responsible sourcing practices. 

Why doTERRA?

Find out why MoHo has chosen doTERRA oils and what they can do for you and your family 

Slow Fashion

Moho sleepwear in production at Fashion Enter, a ground-breaking organisation and model for future fashion manufacturing

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Made in a gloriously soft organic combed cotton and bamboo jersey, this sleepwear set will be the most stylish and comfortable thing you have ever worn to bed. Designed and manufactured in London by ModestHouse

"Sleepwear in the average household is a category where clothes are filed on their way to recycling"

Vanessa McVickers 

 Founder, MOHO

"Beautifully soft fabric, precisely cut to flatter. Comfortable yet sassily sexy. Arrived swiftly, beautifully packaged. MoHo is a very exciting sleepwear brand and I've already ordered additional items. Early adopters stop here."

Jo, Peckham

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Browse the gorgeous images from our  photoshoot with Vimbai Chapungu, the reigning Miss London!