From so many on the market today, why has Moho chosen to promote doTERRA oils? 

Although we believe Essential Oils are pretty important, the word essential in this case refers to the essence of the plant or fruit that has been distilled to create such powerful little pots of liquid goodness. The quality and purity of the distilled oil is vital to its effectiveness. In order to extract the best oil the very best plants and fruits need to be sourced. DoTERRA responsibly partners with artisan growers from over 40 countries who champion the best seeds, soil and growing environments.  

The essential oils industry is largely unregulated since it falls outside the food and drug standards remit and this has helped to restrict its growth as the trusted and valuable asset to health and wellbeing it should be. In the year the company began, doTERRA's founders established an industry standard CPTG (Certified Pure Theraputic Grade) which all its oils must reach before they can be sold. They hope that one day all oils should be required to reach this standard. They also created the co-impact sourcing initiative which follows 8 principles to ensure responsible practices in all the farms they work with. 

To see why doTERRA oils impressed us watch this video on where the oils come from 


And this one to see how they look after the people who produce them

Here is our curated selection of blended oils to target specific needs. This saves the process of blending yourself at home and ensures the best combination of complimentary oils in carefully measured concentrations.