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About ModestHouse

I have many ambitions and none of them are very modest! Firstly I would like to change the way we sleep, starting with women (of course!). This was an obvious place for me to start as I have been searching for years for something smart, sophisticated, contemporary and, most importantly, comfortable to wear to bed.


Currently, manufacturers of sleepwear invite women to dress like: toddlers (onesies), eight year-olds (cute teddy and bunny embellishments) and prostitutes (itchy lacy stuff). Because most of us would rather sleep naked (and there's nothing wrong with that) than wear any of those things we tend to wear demoted daywear items to bed: the T Shirt with the stain that won't come out, the boxer shorts that an ex never took with them, the saggy track-suit bottoms. Women who take their daywear decisions very seriously and enjoy the huge range of choice that allows them to express their individual style are left with no alternative but to wear a selection of mismatched and uncomfortable items not deemed presentable enough for daywear.


Sleepwear in the average household is a category where clothes are filed on their way to recycling. 



A little about this collection, the VTee, the Sleep Shorts, the Condesa Top and the Marine Pants. All are made from the same gorgeous fabric named Super Jersey by its manufacturer (more about them later). An equal mix of organic cotton and bamboo, it is soft and drapey but has the body and resilience needed for the tough business of sleep. Sleepwear and loungewear need to be as high performance as sportswear. It takes the weight of our bodies, rolling and dragging it between our skin and the sheets. It needs to be cool and absorbent, skin friendly and able to withstand frequent washing. It also needs to have a slightly higher percentage of elastane than the usual T-shirt jersey so that it springs back into shape after a day sitting cross-legged on the sofa in front of a laptop or TV screen. The bamboo in this fabric lends extra performance with its anti-fungicidal and odour-resistent qualities.



Founder of sleepwear company ModestHouse Vanessa McVickers on locaton before a sleepwear shoot

Protecting communities and the environment

Sleep Style

Fancy dress

My immodest ambition is to make Sleepwear a genuine fashion category

Technical sleep and loungewear

As promised, a little about the fabric importer. The Organic Cotton Company is a beacon of ethical values for all new businesses. Run from the market town of Machynlleth in Powys, Wales, their compassionate approach and determination to help their growers have a better life is truly inspirational. Just go to and read About Us. 

Finally a very little about me and how this all comes together. I live in south east London with my family and I work with a local pattern cutter and a small studio nearby in east London to produce these amazing clothes. The quality of finish is superb as this studio specialises only in small runs of high-end clothing. Each piece is made slowly and with great care and attention to detail. 

I have many plans to expand from this modest offering but for now this small collection represents the start of something big.

Nessa McVickers

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